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Moonshot cup is coming with story

It all started with a growing irritation of cups being bumped over by my kids, leaving spills of lemonade on the table and everything on it. Yuck!

Something special happened when I picked up the cup that day. A start of a humble Moonshot! I noticed how the cup was narrow at the bottom and wide on top. Surely this was not the most stable shape you can pick for a cup. Room for improvement!

Let’s create a cup that stays on its feet

I decided I had to do something about this. It started with a drawing on paper. I decided my kids should have a great cup that does not fall over easily like other cups do.

It should have the following features:

  • a good grip
  • No added flavour to the drink like plastic cups do
  • minimal impact to the environment
  • an awesome design that appeals to kids of all ages

Watch the video to see how it was made

You are a short step away from owning your own Moonshot Cup, contact us now on:


We will be launching a crowdfunding campaign soon to fund the production, marketing and distribution (including packaging) of many Moonshot Cups.

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Drawing by Waldi (

Moon shot Cup Dishwasher proof

Imagine, Create & Enjoy!

Try to see everything as an ingrediënt and let your mind wander.