The Moonshot Cup

The Moonshot Cup was first imagined November 2017. It all started with a growing irritation of cups being bumped over by my kids, leaving spills of lemonade on the table and everything on it. Yuck!

Something special happened when I picked up the cup that day. A start of a humble Moonshot! I noticed how the cup was narrow at the bottom and wide on top. Surely this was not the most stable shape you can pick for a cup. Room for improvement!


I decided I had to do something about this. It started with a drawing on paper. I decided my kids should have a great cup that does not fall over easily like other cups do. It should have the following features:

  • a good grip
  • No added flavour to the drink like plactic cups do
  • Minimal impact to the environment
  • An awesome design that appeals to kids of all ages.

With my drawing in hand, I approached a 3D designer that created a 3D drawing of the cup.  A 3D print followed shortly after. The printed cup was then used by a ceramic artist to create a mold and soon enough, the first ceramic version of the Moonshot Cup was created.

The result can be found on the pictures. You are a short step away from owning your own Moonshot Cup, contact us now on fun@moonshotcup.com!


We will be launching a crowdfunding campaign soon to fund the production, marketing and distribution (including packaging) of many Moonshot Cups.

Sign up for the Newsletter and make sure you do not miss the launch!

Kind regards,


For more information you can contact: fun@moonshotcup.com



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